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Moonlit Milky Way

Sale priceDhs. 35.00

This exquisite nail polish, christened "Moonlit Milky Way," evokes the ethereal beauty of a star-studded night sky. Its creamy, opalescent base is reminiscent of the Milky Way's luminous core, with a subtle shimmer that catches the light like distant stars. The formula glides effortlessly onto nails, offering a celestial veil of color that is both enchanting and sophisticated. Perfect for those who wish to adorn their hands with a touch of the cosmos, this polish is a harmonious blend of elegance and whimsy. Suitable for everyday wear or a night out, "Moonlit Milky Way" is a versatile shade that adds a touch of the infinite to your fingertips.
Moonlit Milky Way
Moonlit Milky Way Sale priceDhs. 35.00